My biography ...

I'm Elisa Caserini and i love the art.

I'm an autodidact painter and i always run after the idea of becoming an integrant part of what the five sences attributed allow me, through cloth and panels.
I don't hesitate to measure me and to express me with many techniques and themes, maybe because i think that for me would be difficult to choose among so many beautiful things that attract me, surround me and that i live!
When we are artists in our soul it's hard, despite so many "words", to explain what we feel, and trying to explain it using colors, we leave a memory of the importance of life.
Art can gives joy but also lot of sadness, because it reflect all that it essenctially represents.

I was born the 4 June 1973 in Codogno (LO), town in which i still live.



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