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The pictorial route proposed by the artist Elisa Caserini becomes a success of indisputable skill with a series of works from natural flavor that recalls undoubtedly the attention of the observer. These are works that retain their beauty in the visual arts features and the best value is a conscious and interesting production. The small detail in the stroke, the chromatic brightness switching colors and physicality of the matter evolve masterfully in taking significant results: both aesthetic and in the content. The titrations "Lavender" and "prato fiorito" reveal fascinating in an important figurative tissue, with a description of true formal and technical yield. The naturalistic topic is faced by Caserini with wise manual and original representation; in fact she shows a gesture full of wonderful mastery. It is an invention always adhering reality: details, feelings and thoughts are thrown on the work, taking such an important role in which the rediscovery of values is emphasized. Using the mixed technique on panel, with the intervention of flakes and relief, she manages to bring out from her work immediate feelings, thereby giving birth to an original well conceived and expressed creation. That is one of Caserini exclusive creation that takes cue from nature to describe a pictorial, responsible and balanced interpretation. These are works that explode in a remarkable expression on the continuous move, where synergy between the various shapes and colors is continuously characterizes and arouses strong emotions. Nuances, chiaroscuro effects and the important stroke show a great talent art that comes from inner need to communicate. Flowered fields sights, poppies, sunflowers and lavender spring out from work with an uncommon vivacity: matter explodes vibrant and meaningful releasing therefore numberless combinations of stylistic-technical effects. From September 24th to October 3rd 2007 her works have been exhibited in Telaccia, the Art Gallery in Turin; an exhibition that encompasses both the figurative tradition and the technique innovation: a truly complementary marriage.






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