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COMMENT ABOUT Francesco Giulio Farachi

If there is a thing that immediately hits in observing the job of an artist like Elisa Caserini, it is the ability to conserve in the pictural drawing the purity, spontaneous and clearness of the look, the same look loaded with emotions within which the world remains taken and captured. Nothing comes granted to the gasping alterations and torments of much contemporary figuration, but every work is made up in the sage calmness of colors, in mixing of light and tone, in the equilibriums between forms and space. It is a truth painting, but it is a truth that still knows and recognizes the poetrical suggestion, that still is overwhelmed of the fascination of the colours and the visual ones, that it continues to say the grace and the spell of a moment embezzled to sliding of the time. The personal extension that opens on saturday 26 January in Rome, near the Crispi Gallery, is the occasion in order to approach an art that carefully studies the proportion between technical yield and creative overhong, and for this makes an involving suspended on the thread of a lyric truth, coupled to the sensual and important relationship of the man with the world and the nature. Elisa Caserini has sensibility in order to explore the life, in order to break off the oleography of the landscapes and the circumstances, in order to invent always new optical and brief convincing from which taking the abbrivio for luminous raffigurazioni and vibrating of terse commotions. The representative coherence and the interpretative intensity cohabit therefore in her painting, as they are own formulating itself in a kind of osmotica combination both of the concrete instinct and rations both of the fantastic book of martyrs and. The color thus is irradiated on the superficial ones and takes the matter consistencies, is decomposed in variety of glares and it is conformed in the airframes, it succeeds to also construct to scene and actions of light around the intimate essence of every single and ordinary subject, becomes element of stiff a formal and stilistic search that is to give back the astonishments of that encounter with the beauty that is daily and customary experience, magic that reveals in every little one or great moment of the existence, and that it belongs therefore to every human being and every element of the world. Here that the speech and partecipation attempt of this way returns in evidence to make painting, an opening that finds same force in itself expressive, in its intentional limpid, its refined coolness. The works of Elisa Caserini have the maturity of a character own and original, they are lyric and sublimate projection of deep an aesthetic feeling, and are at the same time immediate and ingenuous reproduction of that vital relation with the surrounding one that supplies cue, through and end to the Art.

Francesco Giulio Farachi 





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