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In this pictorial-environmental elegy of his the carrying role is that documentale:ricorrono in meteorological way, not utopian and not ucronico, testimonies of the place and the time: on the cloths of Elisa Caserini traces of agricultural vestigia are warned, that is of the history and of the life of the territory that the painter almost considers as his/her polar sign of orientation." my Ditch", you/he/she is for my house, my life, my breath. And here that its compositions conglomerate around moments of climax, to housing simulacri, landscapes under the surfaces innevate of a terreno/paesaggio that he/she remains virgin of signs and industrial sketches. For Elisa Caserini these places don't originate from the continent of the spirit, also if they reflect the spirit of the continent life. Waters and lived earths, that the landscapist crosses on the cloth under dictation of a narrative incedere, a tonal cleaning, a chromatic language such to make iperreali of it the geographies but real the latitude. Caserini forwards him in the heart of the earths cognite of his/her way of living and reaches the places of his/her history, whereas the time has a silent relationship with the space: it is the time that "it doesn't pass mai"perché it ever has to pass. A beautiful site, that of Elisa Caserini, that accompanies his/her works, not all masterses also if you work all with great narrative appointment. Other inherent sites following, they describe her/it as devoted woman to the beautiful arts in a choice without return. The shares are contemplated and the bibliography mirrors the level of it.

Donato Conenna 





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